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Educated at London's prestigious Trinity College of Music and The Royal Academy of Music, Andrew's professional musical career has spanned over two decades to date. His mother, a music therapist, started his musical training in Suzuki Method violin from the age of three through which Andrew developed an especially good ear early on. Using those skills, he taught himself piano by listening to songs on the radio and re-recreating them note for note. He learned guitar in the same way, the instrument that would give him his first professional opportunities. Having spent years playing in various orchestras and ensembles in many different settings at many of London's most notable venues, Andrew gained an invaluable understanding of how to work together with other musicians and how to write for groups of different sizes.
On London's singer-songwriter scene, Andrew was playing guitar and musically directing Australian singer and actress Sally Boyden's Candy Bombers band. Through Sally, Andrew met the now Grammy nominated Australian singer and songwriter Sia  (Zero 7The Voice). Starting her career at the time, she joined forces with Andrew, formed a band and spent the next year touring Europe. Andrew was also playing many other sessions at the time playing guitar for reggae legend Horace Andy (Massive Attack) as well as some keyboard for Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).
During that period, Andrew also began to play guitar, keyboard, vocal and percussion sessions on London's film music scene and collaborated regularly with his great friend and composer, Ilan Eshkeri, with whom he worked on his first major motion pictures including, Layer Cake, Stardust and Hannibal Rising among others. The playing sessions turned in to writing sessions and when the late Michael Kamen's score for Boo, Zino & the Snurks, needed to be completed posthumously, Andrew took on a vital writing role in the project. Shortly after completing that score, an opportunity came up writing on a project that had come through German composer, Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator) who was living in London at the time. The score was recorded at Air Studios and was where Andrew met Klaus. Klaus was impressed and shortly afterwards invited Andrew to travel to Los Angeles to work with him on the then forthcoming movie, Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. That collaboration would be the first of many very successful projects Andrew and Klaus would work on in the coming seven years from writing and performing contributions to movies such as, Poseidon TMNT, 16 Blocks, Premonition, Ultraviolet, Solomon Kane, Shanghai and many others through to co-writing and co-producing the scores of the drama epic Among Wolves and Julian Farino's (Entourage) The Oranges, starring Hugh Laurie, Leighton Meester, Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt.
Having just completed Greg Reitman's forthcoming documentary, Rooted in Peace, Andrew is set to embark on another documentary as well as a feature film. Andrew lives in Santa Monica with his wife Mande their son, Leo. While a Green Card holding Permanent Resident of the United States he holds a British passport and speaks fluent French as well as slightly less fluent Italian.







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