The Charlemagne Code

The treasure of the Nibelungen is thought to be the most valuable lost treasure in the world, supposedly still hidden somewhere in Germany. No wonder that people dedicate their money, energy and even their lives to get hold of it. Erik is one of them. He has become obsessed with the need to prove that the treasure is real and not just a myth. But in his search for the famous “Treasure of the Nibelungen”, his beloved wife and best friend Albert have lost their lives. Since then, this handsome man in his forties gave up his quest to live a quiet and withdrawn life with his teenage daughter Krimi. Ten years later all this changes: A new lead unfolds and this time it may just be the right one. Once again Erik is drawn in to the game. Together with the young and extrovert Justus, the sexy, highly intelligent and slightly high-strung scientist Katharina, he starts on a spectacular hunt across Europe.

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